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Kudritz was a small town in the southern area of Hungary known as the Banat region. This area was heavily populated with people of German descent who came to the Banat during three phases of government-sponsored colonization in the 18th century. Kudritz was also known by the Hungarian name “Temes Kutas”. Today Kudritz is known as Gudurica, Serbia.

This site is dedicated to preserving historical and genealogical information from Kudritz, as well as supporting and preserving our heritage within the town.

Recent Updates – Spring 2020

Church Records

The Church Records are now available to Registered visitors. To access them please register for an account and confirm your email address.

Church death records from 1742-1911 are slowly coming online. Currently 1829-1866 are available.

The 1901 Parish Family Book has been added to the Church Records.

The Life and Times of Kudritz

A translation of the 1956 Heimatbuch by Headmaster Balthasa Ehm, translated through the kindness of Henry Fischer of Ontario.


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