Photos and Documents

  • The Life and Times of Kudritz

    “This small volume is meant to be a book about our homeland.  For the older generation it is intended to be a loving and lasting memory of what once was,…

  • Father Miklos Kahles

    Following up a recent inquiry about Miklos Kahles, Stasa Cvetkovic, a researcher with Synergia in Novi Sad, kindly looked up the following information. (Synergia is a well-regarded researcher with numerous…

  • Renovation – 2013

    Renovation of the Kudritz Church by William Milleker, Chicago The Catholic Church in Kudritz, (Gudurica) Banat, Serbia was built in 1787 in an all German Village. Since 1944 it suffered…

  • Church – 2008

  • Church – 2006

  • Around Town – 2012

    Photos by Roy Shiflet

  • Around Town – 2006

  • Kudritz

    Photos by Roy Shiflet

  • The Church

    St. John the Baptist 2006 (Roy Shiflet) 2008 (Roy Shiflet) 2013 Renovation Progress

  • People

    Photos by Roy Shiflet