Renovation – 2013

Renovation of the Kudritz Church

by William Milleker, Chicago

The Catholic Church in Kudritz, (Gudurica) Banat, Serbia was built in 1787 in an all German Village. Since 1944 it suffered under neglect and abandonment, but managed to remain in existence. The parishioners could not prevent the gradual deterioiration till Father Mihai Gherghei appeared in the Village and took the responsibility for the community and the restoration of the church. He motivated the parishioners to tackle the necessary preventive maintenance. He also started regular church services.

Father Mihai has the support of the Bishop of Werschetz (Versac) and promise from the regional government for the planned restoration of the church. Details have been established to rebuild the roof and to restore the interior of the church. Finanical support has from from Austria, Germany, and the USA.

The last year has shown some real progress by wiring the church for electricity and starting work on the roof to eliminate further water damage to the structure. The completed work on the rectory created meeting rooms and a chapel that now houses the original Stations of the Cross. The latest addition has been the museum room that displays the sacred items that have survived.

This success story is a happy event in contrast to churches in many villages that have been destroyed. I am very supportive of this effort that restores a monument of the past, because I believe somebody will ask about the history of the church and its origin.

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