Father Miklos Kahles

Following up a recent inquiry about Miklos Kahles, Stasa Cvetkovic, a researcher with Synergia in Novi Sad, kindly looked up the following information. (Synergia is a well-regarded researcher with numerous recommendations from Donauschawben descendants. They can be reached at www.synergia.rs)


Following is a translation of an entry, in Hungarian, about Father Kahles, from Stasa Cvetktovic.

Entry about Ft. Kahles Miklos was written in Hungarian language. I will give the German and Serbian or Romanian) names of the villages next to the Hungarian name, in brackets. — Stasa

KAHLES MIKLOS (LAT/GER: Nicholas, Nicolaus): Born in Nakofalva (Nakodorf, Nakovo) on 01 April 1889. He was ordained a priest in Temesvar (GER: Temeschburg, ROM: Timisoara) on 29 June 1912.

Served as chaplain in: Temesgyarmat (GER: Jahrmarkt, ROM: Giarmata) Németszentpéter (GER: Deutschsanktpeter, ROM: Sanpetru German), Gyertyamos (GER: Gertianosch, ROM: Carpinis) in 1914, chaplain in 1915, in 1918 chaplain in Karolyfalva (GER: Karlsdorf, SER: Banatski Karlovac), church administrator in Fehertemplom (GER: Weisskirschen, SER: Bela Crkva) in 1919, chaplain in Ecska (GER: Etschka SER: E?ka) in 1920, parish priest in Zsigmondfalva (GER: Sigmundsfeld, Sigmundsdorf SER: Luki?evo, Martinica) in 1922, chaplain in Versec (GER: Werschetz SER: Vršac) in 1927, parish priest assistant in Csozstelek (GER: Tschesterek, Neuhatzfeld SER: ?estereg) in 1930, parish administrator in Hetteny (GER: Hettin, Tomsdorf, SER: Hetin) in 1931, Kudric (GER: Kudritz SER: Gudurica) in 1933, Sandorhaza (GER: Alexanderhausen ROM: Sandra) in 1936, he was suspended in 1939, was chaplain in Boka (GER: Boka SER: Boka) and definitively suspended in 1942

Place of his last service was Boka.

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