The Life and Times of Kudritz

“This small volume is meant to be a book about our homeland.  For the older generation it is intended to be a loving and lasting memory of what once was, while for the younger generation it is to be a source of information about their legacy.  They are to learn how our forebears developed and gave birth to their new homeland despite the most difficult of circumstances but persevered against great odds.  They did it all for a homeland that we have lost simply because we are Germans.” — Balthasar Ehm, Headmaster, 1956

Translated with the kind generosity of Henry Fischer of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Edited by Karen Dalton Preston. Final edit by Glenn Schwartz.

Originally published in German in 1956. We were unable to identify any surviving representatives of the author or publisher, but would welcome a discussion with any such representatives that come forward.

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