Kudritz Renovation Projects

Message to Glenn Schwartz from Stasa Cvetkovic regarding the renovation of the Kudrtiz church appears below. We would like to support this effort in any way we can. If you are interested in coordinating/supporting this on behalf of this site please let me know.

“Did the news about the Kudritz church renovation reach you? Kudritz is now officially a stop at the touristic route “Vine Roads of Serbia” (part of a broader project of the Serbian Government) and the municipality of Vrsac started to invest in repairing of Kudritz church. New administrator of Kudritz church, Mihai Gherghel (we have met him, remember?) was the initiator of the church renovation. A friend from USA asked me to check about the genuineness of that project so I have checked and everything appears to be official. Roman Catholic Diocese supports the fund raising for that purpose and the municipality in Vrsac already gave some money for the purpose of the renovation.

Ft. Gherghel installed electricity in the church and is trying to collect money for the roofing (new beam construction, new tiles, gutters etc.) which would be a sound base for further renovation. Church statics, according to my brother from Vrsac who is a mayor’s friend and heard it from him, is rather sound. I am glad that Kudritz is going to get some funds and hopefully, repaired church, school building (I have heard for such plans), new jobs for people there along with a new touristic development plan. I have seen many good projects ruined in past decade or two because of the corruption or lack of money and vision and I hope that a new time will soon come for all those Banat places before it is too late.

We are still in not so good political and economical situation, but there is no point waiting for better atmosphere. I think that Banat Germans heritage and their descendants MUST have important role in those projects and we already have some ideas. My friend, Boris Masic from Apatin is struggling for the same purpose in Batschka and we will for sure cooperate very closely. I suppose that I will write you about it if you are interested in the subject. There will be A NUMBER of real projects in the future. We will not ask for any money from individuals or village associations abroad (like yours) and we will rather try to finance the accomplishment of our ideas through various commercial projects and give people like you a chance to bond to this region and to regain some of that was taken away from your grandfathers (or for those who left by their own will, does not matter).”

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